Curated Homeschool Learning Resources: A Teacher Mom’s Joy

Do you know one of the things that makes a teacher mom happy? A supply of curated homeschool learning resources!!! Yes! Let’s admit it. Being a teacher mom isn’t an easy task. With a crazy schedule and every day errands, it’s hard for homeschooling parents to prepare the materials they will need to make a wonderful learning experience for their kids.

And as much as we want to give them a fun learning environment, sometimes it requires much of our effort and time especially for those working dads and moms (like me!). But thank God there are small businesses and passionate homeschooling families who offer interactive homeschooling products that will help us in this hard work but definitely worth it decision to homeschool our kids. (Oh by the way, I’d like to share with you God’s welcoming gift to us for saying yes to homeschooling. Read it here.)

I’d like you to meet “Our Satisfying Home”

Our Satisfying Home shop offers Learning Binders, Homeschool and Arts and Crafts materials. Their learning materials are curated to ensure endless and fun learning for your kids. Not only that they are handmade and personalized for your little ones to make their homeschooling journey special, but also the items in the kit are reusable so it can still be passed on to your next child.

I love the story of the woman behind it as a first-time mom who had no idea what to teach her toddler at her age. So in her desire to give the best to her child, she bought a lot of homeschool learning resources in physical and digital copies. Sadly, she ended up buying a lot that were not yet appropriate for her daughter. Consequently they were left on the shelves harboring dust or in their cloud drive using up valuable space.

I believe this is just one of the mishaps that first-time homeschooling parents encounter. I can relate to her, because as a mom you can be driven with so much excitement to this new journey for you and your child but with little guidance of the how-tos.

Good thing, this passionate mom didn’t stop there!

She then decided to make her own homeschool learning resources that gave birth to the Toddler Learning Binder Series of their online shop Our Satisfying Home.

Here are some of their homeschool learning resources that you will surely love:

1. Toddler Learning Binder Series (Levels 1 – 3)

This binder cover subjects such as Math, Science, Language, and a lot of activity pages with over 120 Velcro cutouts.

Homeschool Learning Resources Toddler Binder Series Level 1
Toddler Learning Binder Series Level 1 (Photos grabbed from Our Satisfying Home FB page)
Homeschool Learning Resources Toddler Binder Series Level 2
Toddler Learning Binder Series Level 2
Homeschool Learning Resources Toddler Binder Series Level 3
Toddler Binder Series Level 3

2. Interactive-Alphabet Notebook

They also have an Interactive-Alpha Notebook which has over 100 activities that involve cutting, pasting, sorting, and coloring. Your toddler will surely have fun learning to read and write their ABCs.

Here’s a preview of this product.

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3. MyFirst Math Box

My son got their recently launched product which is the MyFirst Math Box. Yay! My mommy heart is so happy!

It is based on Singapore method of teaching Math. What a good way to introduce numbers and basic operations using visually and kinesthetically-engaging activities. It is suited for children ages 2 to 6 years old.

The package includes the following:

  • Toys that you can incorporate in learning basic Math such as fraction blocks, wooden number tracing board, play money (coins and bills), wooden clock.
  • Laminated mats
  • Manipulatives such as buttons, popsicles, wooden chip and shapes.

Here are the suggested activities that you can do with this kit:

  • Shapes to figures
  • Forming Shapes using popsicles
  • Using number bonds to make addition & subtraction sentences
  • What comes next? 
  • Tally chart
  • Picture graph
  • Using the number line to add and subtract
  • Number cards 1-10
  • Using ten-frames to add and subtract
  • Learning number bonds.

Learning Math is Fun!

Happy mommy and son with our MyFirst Math Box

This is so timely because just several weeks ago we attended a webinar on how to teach Singapore Math to our kids. I definitely agree that Math could really be a fun thing to learn when you incorporate play-based learning on it.

It was my first time to learn about the CPA approach (Concrete-Pictoral-Abstract) and as I tried it with my son, I saw how he grasped and enjoyed the activities we were doing because we can even use one of his favorite toys that made the learning more fun for him. Watch our video here.

Thanks Mamacademy PH and Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.PH) for this great opportunity to help us give the best learning experience to our children. To know more about Singapore Math and S.A.M. PH, check out this post from Mamacademy.

If you want to take the first step into the wonderful world of Mathematics without the trouble of finding the right materials and homeschool learning resources, then you should get this MyFirst Math Box for your child.

For prices and other inquiries of their products, you can visit Our Satisfying Home social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, if you are a first-time homeschooling mom, connect with me and let’s grow and learn together in this journey.

Happy todd-learning!!!!


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