3 Reasons Why We Need Spiritual Nourishment in This Time of Pandemic

How are you coping in this time of pandemic? Since the coronavirus hit us, more people experienced anxiety, depression, financial stress, health issues, and relational problems. Many had great fear and stress of what is to come for them. This is indeed a tough crisis we are in. Nevertheless, I hope you and your family are thriving in this difficult situation all of us are going through. The truth is, there are many ways on how we can help ourselves and our families to cope with today’s life’s challenges. We can start the habit of a healthy lifestyle and surround ourselves with positive people. Trying a new craft or hobby that we enjoy is a good help too! The list goes on, but I’d like to share with you why spiritual nourishment is on top of it.

Matthew 4:4 NIV
Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

What is SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT? Just like how our physical bodies require nutrients to be able to keep up with our everyday activities, our spirits need nourishment as well. If physical malnutrition can cause us digestive disorders, loss of physical strength, and reduced mental functions; spiritual malnutrition, on the other hand, can affect how we look at our troubles in life and how we view ourselves. If you don’t feed your spiritual body, you might get caught up easily to the stress of your challenges. You might give in quickly to temptations and lose track of where you should be heading in your life. Recognizing the need of a healthy physical body is as important as taking care of our spiritual nature.

Why we need spiritual nourishment

Here are three reasons why we GREATLY need spiritual nourishment in this time of pandemic.

1. We need spiritual nourishment to have the strength in facing the battles in our life.

We need to be spiritually healthy in this season of life. For example, if you are a mother or a father with children depending on you, you have to be courageous enough to face your battles and overcome them. If you believe that they have a great future ahead, you can’t just quit and give up now just because you think you can’t get past of these trials you and your family are facing. Thus, you need the strength that comes when you connect with God.

I remember in my prayer, I asked God to give supernatural strength to those who are greatly affected by this pandemic. I’ve seen in the news how it’s draining the leaders of thinking and planning how the country and its citizens can survive in this global crisis. I’ve watched how the frontlines were almost lost of strength to care and to attend to the increasing number of Covid19 cases.

These people also get tired and they need spiritual support and motivation as much as the physical strength to face a tough challenge like this every day.

Likewise, we have our own fair share of troubles and we have to admit that we are weak. True strength comes only in the Lord. If we are spiritually nourished with the things of God, we can have the supernatural strength alongside peace, love, joy, and hope, and wisdom that He generously gives to those who ask of Him.

2. We need spiritual nourishment for us not to easily lose hope.

Even before this pandemic began, I know most of us were already going through tough challenges in all areas of life. Some were barely getting by and yet they have to face another monstrous trial that looks too much to bare. As businesses start to shut down, laying off employees becomes necessary, and unpaid bills pile up, we find ourselves in a place of no return. When we are spiritually malnourished, we don’t see the hope that is ahead. But as you feed your faith by reading the Bible and connecting to God in prayer, you start to feed your faith that will help you see the good out of the bad. As your faith builds up, your challenges seem small and your God becomes BIG!

It’s really heartbreaking to see and hear a lot of news of people committing suicide to end their problems these days. We don’t really know the exact reasons why they did such, but one thing is for sure – they have given up. Perhaps, they thought their lives and situations are too hopeless and helpless already. But when our spiritual nature is healthy, we have the right perspective towards our circumstances. We don’t easily get swayed by a negative situation, though it may be painful and hard at times, we have hope and faith that God is fighting our battles with us. No matter how much we fall, we will always get up because we have the hope that comes from our faith in a great God.

3. We need spiritual nourishment to stay focus in what God has called us to do.

Because of the current crisis, you might also struggle with self-worth. Fear might cloud the vision you had pre-Covid19 and you start to see yourself with inefficiency and lacking of capability. It’s not easy to stay focused in today’s ever changing world. Since we are all in the survival mode, we have the tendency to focus more on how we can sustain ourselves and stay alive in this world.  

I encourage you to believe that God has a work for you to do in this critical time. A nourished spirit, no matter how you may have failed last year or several months ago, will motivate you that your life has a purpose. Staying connected with God can help you know His will for you. There is something He wants you to do that only you can do. Something that really matters more than just surviving in planet Earth. It could be a family matter that must be addressed immediately, a relationship that needs to be reconciled, or a project that can greatly bless other people.

We should not waste our time during this pandemic. Our activities may have been limited due to being quarantined, but we can always do something worthwhile with what we currently have and where we are now. We can still impact lives even with just meeting people online. Being spiritually nourished can give you the strength and the right perspective that you can still make a difference and pursue what God has been calling you to do amidst our challenges.

The need to be Spiritually Healthy!

Just like the others, 2020 was a bit hard for me. Personally, I’ve struggled with being too reactive than being responsive to everything that was happening around me. I’ve hurt my family and others to a point that I became too sensitive, had some anger issues, and had failed to manage well my priorities. Just before the New Year came, I was reflecting on what happened to me and why I was vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. I wonder why it was hard to control my emotions and made unnecessary reactions. Then God made me realized one thing – I wasn’t spiritually fed well. I admit I failed in this area. I was too preoccupied with a lot of things that I neglected something more important than my physical being.

So I decided that one of my faith goals this 2021 would be to better equip myself and nourish my spiritual being. Just a week ago, I joined the International Discipleship Conference at Christ Commission Fellowship. The event was concluded yesterday and it made the start of my year so pumped with all the messages, wisdom, and truths that God revealed to me during that conference. God was so amazing! The event was extraordinary! The speakers, Josh Mcdowell, Dr. David Geisler, Michael Ramsden, Dr. Philip Lyn, and CCF Senior Pastor Dr. Peter Tan-Chi, were truly endowed with God’s fire, wisdom, and truth. I saw their passion and their genuine love for God and for others by helping the participants understand the need to disciple people in Christ.

Just like the others, 2020 was a bit hard for me. Personally, I’ve struggled with being too reactive than being responsive to everything that was happening around me.

Sheena radam | The heart that is good

God’s Word and His Presence

I’m just getting back on my feet and I can feel that I have gained spiritual strength. God’s vision for me has been fortified, and my faith have been strengthened! I have to say that my spiritual feeding doesn’t end here.  I will commit myself not to neglect my spiritual nature again. And I’ll make sure to take my daily supplements faithfully – God’s word and His presence.

Are you feeling malnourished spiritually? It’s never too late to take care of your spiritual life. Join me as we start the year building our faith by feeding and nourishing our spiritual nature through prayer and reading God’s word. I’ll be sharing more on my next post how we can nourish our spiritual being.

Comment down on how you are taking care of your spiritual health. I’m excited to learn from you!


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    1. Yes, indeed we are in a critical time where a lot of people are going through depression and mental health problems. The more we need God’s word and truth.

  1. at first I was feeling down because I have plans that werent able to push through because of the pandemic. but day by day.. onti onti ko din na accept and also i just prayed to Him to help me move on and finally accept what ever i a m feeling. its always HIM lang naman talaga ang kinakapitan. and as they say SI GOD LANG MALAKAS! I have faith in him that thi swill be over soon

  2. I’m actually on the edge of losing hope especially that pandemic is still here and don’t know when we will go back to normal but every time I pray and thank God for blessing us every day, I’m good and feeling okay na

  3. When everything fails, we always rely on our spiritual guidance. A person having a peaceful mind and spiritual lifestyle doesn’t worry much about everything.

  4. Hi Sheen! It’s inspiring to know how you cope with the anxiety and stress brought upon by the pandemic. And it’s good that you acknowledged where you went wrong in 2020 and vowed to strengthen your faith this year. Keep on inspiring and God bless! ?

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