I attended a homeschooling workshop last month entitled “Teacher Mom: Homeschooling and Teaching Young Children”. This workshop was facilitated by Mamacademy Ph at Work/With PH in Taguig. The speaker was a homeschool mom herself Mommy Ivy San Diego – Guerrero. She is the writer behind the blog “The Vine That Writes”.

                                                  photo by Mamacademy PH
 with Mamacademy PH Mombassador Kaye Ang

I was really anticipating this workshop because it is my dream to homeschool my son. This is something new to our family especially that my siblings and I all went to a traditional school when we were young. 

Teaching Is My Gift

Since I was young I have enjoyed teaching. When I was in elementary school I would teach my schoolmates how to read, write, etc. I would even ask my mom to buy ABC posters, a blackboard, and chairs so I can have my mini classroom at home where I would teach my younger sister and neighbors. 

I was also a Sunday School teacher in our church. I just took a break for a while so I can focus first on the needs of my family . I plan to get back in my ministry once my son is old enough to join in. I’m currently an English teacher working at home. I hope you picture out why I’m so eager to homeschool my child.

when love is lost book

Character over Academics and Skills

Well it’s not only because I’m a teacher myself and a teacher at heart that I want to try homeschooling. The main reason for my desire to do it is because I care much of my son’s character than his academics and skills. Yes that’s right! I know that for you to be successful you have to follow the pace of today’s generation. You have to be really good on something and excel in your academics so you can find a good high-paying job in the future.

I’m not saying that I will ignore everything else and just focus on his character. Of course not! I have so many dreams for him that I want him to try different things or classes that might interest him someday. It’s just that I firmly believe that as young as he is now building up his character will pay so much in the future than him being skilled and knowledgeable. Just like what it said in Mark 8:36

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Because of social media we have easy access to all kinds of news and stories (some are really horrible and heart-breaking) about children or students doing this and that. As a new mom, I don’t want my son to experience these things. Of course I can’t control his life nor his future. But If I know that I can do something for him now, the best of my ability, I would do it.

         with sis Aycel (L) and teacher mom speaker Ivy San Diego – Guerrero (M)
           with all the moms and dads who attended the workshop

Am I ready to be a Teacher Mom?

I learned that informal homeschooling actually starts at 2 years old so I was so excited when Josh turned 2 this February. Thanks to this workshop it equipped me on how I should start our homeschooling journey.

First and foremost I need to ask myself if I’m ready to do something which I know will be fun and exciting but wouldn’t be easy at the same time. Being a teacher to mostly kids I know how hard it is to handle students who aren’t attentive,suddenly throwing tantrums, and often disobedient. It would take a lot of patience, hard-work, effort, grace, and love.

With this we have to fill ourselves with God’s word and His presence every day. Just like what mommy Ivy said that we cannot give what we do not have. How can we teach our child about the Bible when we don’t take time to read it. How can we teach them to be patient, obedient, and forgiving when they don’t see it in us. How can we encourage them to love and be kind to others when they see us ranting and treating others badly just because we were mistreated.

Indeed it all starts in us and this is not an easy job. But hey! Let’s not be discouraged because though we know that we aren’t perfect we know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). Yes! Thank You Lord You’re there! You’re always there! ^_^

with my sisters in Christ – because we are Teacher Moms!

More reasons why I like to homeschool my son:

  • Its flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere. 
  • More precious time with our child/ren.
  • A safe environment for them.
  • Various and exciting activities to do.
  • A learning opportunity for child/ren and parents too.

I know that as we begin our homeschooling we will discover more reasons to enjoy it.

 Josh looking at one of his favorite books – Lift-the-Flap Bible

Here are some of the activities suggested in the workshop which I’m determined to focus on this year:

  • Read a lot

    “Leaders are readers.” I have learned that good reading habits in an early age can help them develop their attention span which can make them focus for longer periods of time. We were also reminded that “reading time” should not be only before bedtime. As much as possible we have to teach them the habit of reading anytime of the day. We also need to model it to them. I’m guilty on this because I know I haven’t given enough time to read books with him. 

  • Sing and Dance

    I noticed that my son likes to sing a lot. I would sometimes hear him sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “The wheel on the bus..” even when he can’t pronounce the words correctly. Encouraging them to sing and dance is a fun way for them to learn and express themselves. 

  • Making arts or crafts

    Thanks again to the internet we have access to a lot of DIY crafts and art ideas. This can help develop their fine motor skills and bring out the creativity in them. 

  • Pretend Play

    I’m not really a fan of this kind of play. I’m not good in acting or stuff like that but I have no choice hahaha. This will also be helpful for their social,emotional, and cognitive development. 

But with all these fun activities that we can do to start our homeschooling,Teacher Mom Ivy reminded us (the aspiring teacher moms) of the most important thing:


No stress! No pressure! No crying moments! (as much as possible hahaha) Well it’s not a promise that we wouldn’t experience these things but let’s try our best to make it fun for us and for our child. Let’s enjoy and treasure every moment with them because they’re only little once.

I’m Sheen, ready to be a Teacher Mom! (Lord help me please! hihi )(^^,)


Hi there! My name’s Sheen! I’m a Christian blogger from the Philippines. My blog shares God story on how He is teaching me to have The Heart That Is Good in every area of life. You can also find devotionals and other people’s inspiring stories in my blog. Join me as we learn how to live a life with a teachable heart.

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