Genesis 2:15

The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Do you know how your actions can affect the lives of others and your surroundings? Even the simplest thing that we do can make a difference.

In one of the lessons that I had with my student, we talked about how we could do something small to make a difference. Yes! Making a difference doesn’t mean doing just the big things. It also refers to actions that seem less significant.

Let me give you an example.

Have you heard about zero-waste living? It is a movement where you reduce the things you consume which eventually you throw away. It is actually focused on waste prevention. This kind of lifestyle aims to send nothing to landfills, to reduce what we need, to reuse as much as we can, and to recycle the best we can.

There are many articles that talk about zero-waste living and community groups where you can get support and encouragement for being intentional in reducing our waste and help Mother Earth thrive.

God entrusted to us this planet not for us to abuse but to care for it. Genesis 2:15 says how God put the responsibility to us, humans, to act as stewards of his creation. Unfortunately, not all people think the same. They have been selfishly benefiting from this world God created without thinking of what this planet need as well. What will be left to our future generation if we continue to exploit and abuse God’s earth?

A Call to Action

It has been in my faith goals to practice a zero-waste lifestyle. Or at least be intentional to help save mother Earth. Just in 2021 we’ve seen a lot of news all over the world about typhoons, earthquakes, killer heatwaves and floods, and other natural disasters that destroyed many properties and lives.

I remember watching the news about the craziest flood in Germany that happened in July 2021. Putting our country in mind where flood is very common most especially in the rainy season, I was really shocked for something devastating like that to happen for the first time in their country. I know for sure something is seriously wrong. Even the Germans themselves were shocked for that catastrophic flood that happened in their nation. According to, the European scientists were also wrestling on how such damage could happen in some of the world’s wealthiest and most technologically advanced countries.

Same thing happened in Henan China in the same month and year where they were hit by the worst flood in a thousand years leaving hundreds of people dead.

If we don’t do our part, even in our simple habits and practices at home, the problems we had in the previous years will just get worse in the coming years as the climate change continues to take its toll.

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I Can Make a Difference

So this time, I told myself I want to make a difference even in the basic actions that I do.

Last year, I planned in advance the holiday gifts we will give to our loved ones. A few weeks before Christmas I did some shopping online and the result was a pile of plastic pouches and bubble wraps. I kept them in a sack for sorting and recycling in mind later on.

We were also blessed to receive gifts from our family and friends and so I was able to collect more materials for recycling. 

It is actually the first time I’m going to do this resolve and I only have a little idea on the process itself and even what to do or where to bring these holiday waste.

My 2021 holiday waste.

Discovering Go Round Collective

Thankfully I found out about Go Round Collective. It is a social enterprise based in Binangonan Rizal that offers a modern approach to household collection. They operate in a subscription model service where their consumers can choose affordable Resource Recovery Plans. This help their subscribers to practice proper and efficient resource management.

They collect almost all types of recyclablesꟷfrom plastic materials, to aluminium cans, papers, and glass bottles. Go Round Collective partners with a local recycler and organizations where they donate most of their collected recyclables.

I also love how affordable and flexible their fees are. Their service includes a scheduled pick-up of your recyclables, color-coded plastic trash bags, and a recycling guide to help you with the proper storage and cleaning of your household waste.

Check out their plans and rates below:

Basic: P79/month
One-time scheduled collection
8 biodegradable plastic bags (good for 1 month)
Resource Recovery Guide

Recommended: P99/month
2x scheduled collection
8 biodegradable plastic bags (good for 1 month)
Resource Recovery Guide

Premium: P119/month
4x scheduled collection
8 biodegradable plastic bags (good for 1 month)
Resource Recovery Guide

They also have on-going promos and partnerships such as:

PlastiKaisahan sa Binangonan which is a community partnership with Sangugniang Kabataan ng Calumpang wherein Go Round Collective will establish a Facebook Group community where Binangonan residents can engage and learn about solid waste management  education and other environmental initiatives.

Another is the 5+1 Subscription Promo where you can get a free one month subscription when you prepay your subscription fee for 5 months.

And of course, you can also get a free one month if you successfully refer a paying subscriber.

Be Part of the Solution

I like to highlight this post from their page:

photo from Go Round Collective's FB page
photo from Go Round Collective’s FB page

Let’s help Go Round Collective divert more materials from the landfills by signing up with their Resource Recovery Plans:

Follow and like their page for more recycling tips and wisdom on how we can take part in living a zero-waste lifestyle. You can inquire with them on their page too.

How about you? What practical and positive steps as an individual can you take to be good stewards of God’s creation?

Believe that you can make a difference because you are empowered in Christ.

It is my prayer that God will put in your heart and empower you to adapt to Zero-Waste lifestyle starting this year.

Happy recycling!


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