5 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Stuck at Home (Small Businesses of Christian Entrepreneurs)

Yay! It’s the season of giving and I know some of you have already gone shopping for Christmas presents a few months earlier in order for you to avoid the holiday rush. But just in case you still have some friends or relatives that you want to make happy and feel loved this Christmas, here are some gift ideas that I personally recommend. Something helpful and purposeful for those who are still stuck at home due to the coronavirus.

Though people are allowed now to go out even the kids, there are still some who choose to stay at home for the safety of their family. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot ship them something nice to show our love and care, right?

I love giving gifts that are functional and meaningful. I practice not to give just for the sake of giving and see to it that it will help the person I’m gifting with or put a smile on their face.  

Included in this post are links of products I have personally tried from fellow Christian entrepreneurs.

So here we go.

Books – For those who want to learn something new even at home.

gift ideas for the holiday
When Love is Lost: How to Stay Committed in a Broken Marriage by Sheena Radam

I know many people aren’t really fond of reading but giving them one could trigger a desire or a need to read. Books are a good value for money. They last a lifetime and can be a good source of wisdom and knowledge. Whether it’s for children, teenagers, or adult, a nice book will surely help them grow or change something in them — to help them live well and better lives. Just be sure to choose one that you know they might need. With that, I recommend giving a self-help or nonfiction books.

For example, (shameless plug here) for couples you know who are going through hard times in their marriage, you can gift them my book, When Love is Lost: How to Stay Committed a Broken Marriage, to encourage and comfort them that even though marriage can be difficult sometimes, God is able to rebuild and restore their relationship.

For moms who are struggling in their season of motherhood, Jude Agbayani’s book 30 Ways to be a Better Mom: A Devotional Guide for Imperfect Moms can come in handy.

A business related book can also be a good gift idea to your colleagues or boss. Checkout Business Writing Bloopers:Common Mistakes to Avoid by Ms. Jonah Chipeco of Writing Hacks Academy.

when love is lost book

Art & Creative Materials – To unleash their creativity at home.

gift ideas for people stuck at home
Daisy Journaling Kit from Her Secret Sanctuary

There are so many gifts to consider when it comes to gifting arts and crafts to your family and friends. Stuff like stickers, notepads, planners, scrapbook decorations, journaling kits, multicolored pens and more will surely help to boost the creativity in them and help them express themselves better.

Either they are Christian enthusiasts or not, faith-based stickers and prayer journals from HeartWarmer PH are some that I highly recommend.

For ladies whom you want to encourage, you might like The Fulfilled Women’s Bible verse and inspirational quote T-shirt. Fashion with purpose, right?

If you want a trendy, elegant, and stylish gift you can also check Hanniel’s Scrunchie Collection.

For your art projects and creative pursuits, Her Secret Sanctuary offers different art stuff like washi tapes, journaling kits, and others.

Grit and Grace PH is a one stop shop for Pen pal and journaling kits.

Another one stop shop that has a variety of products perfect for holiday presents is Atarah’s Collection atbp. If you want an affordable Christmas giveaway, their plantable pencils and pens are just some of their top selling items.

I personally suggest that you gift these art and craft kits and items to teenagers to encourage them express themselves and inspire them in Godly truth.

Plants – For them to feel relaxed and increase level of positive energy at home.

gift ideas for the holiday
Peace Lily in a Scarlet Plant Basket from A&A Plant Momsh

Whether your loved one is a plantita,plantito, or a plant mom (like me), giving plants as a gift will surely add value to the receiver’s life. They don’t just add natural beauty to their homes but they even help clean the air especially for indoor plants like Spider plants, Golden pothos, Peace Lilies, and Snake plants. The good thing is some of these plants thrive even in low light condition and less water maintenance. So this is definitely a pro if the person your gifting with has a busy schedule.

Personally, I like to fill my house with greens. Some say it gives you a relaxing feeling to see a bit of nature in the comfort of your home.

Because of this pandemic, where most people became so attached to different kinds of plants (thanks to being quarantined for a long time), some of my friends have started their small plant business.

My sister-in-law has LorenPot. I admire her for being hands on from growing the plants, to repotting them, up to the delivery of plants to her customers. A friend of mine also has her shop online called A&A Plant Momsh where she sells plant sprays, fertilizers, and other plant needs.

Teach your loved ones or friends to be a plant parent now!

Educational Gifts for Children – For the kids to enjoy their learning time at home.

Toddler Learning Binder from Our Satisfying Home

Aside from giving books to children, why not give them educational toys and learning resources. Developmental toys will surely help boost the child’s IQ level. And with the challenges they face in playing these toys, it can help their mind grow and develop better problem-solving skills.

Learning resources or homeschooling materials can be a good gift to homeschooling moms like me. Being a working teacher mom isn’t an easy task. And I assure you that curated homeschooling resources are like a gift from heaven to us.

You will definitely love the products of Our Satisfying Home. They offer Learning Binders, Homeschool and Arts and Crafts materials. Their learning materials are curated to ensure endless and fun learning for your kids.

Sweets – To satisfy their cravings at home.

Lava Crinkles from The Cookie Shares

Of course the easiest idea I can think of (if you are in a rush) is food! I know if they are on a diet, giving sweets is a No-No. But hey, you don’t always have the chance to give them something that would satisfy their taste buds right? So why not let this holiday season make them feel the sweetness in you by giving them some sweet-tasting carbohydrate.

The Cookie Shares, a hobby turned business by my elder sister, offers homemade baked goodies like oatmeal cookies, crinkles, and other baked goodies that will surely bring joy to you and to your tummy.

You may also like assorted pastries as party gifts from ChinChin’s Kitchen. They have muffins, cinnamon rolls, egg tarts, cheesecakes, served in a box or in a tub. All baked by my sister’s friend who is a chef.

These are just some of the ideas you can choose from in picking a nice gift for your loved ones who are stuck at home because of this pandemic. Being intentional in giving, for me, is still the best because it just means that thinking and caring for what they need and what’s best for them show that we truly care.

But on top of all these gift ideas, always remember that the best gift we can give to others is still JESUS. Nothing compares in sharing His amazing and great love to the people around us. His gift of salvation is what the people we love truly needs.

The best gift you can give to others is JESUS.

As you give or send your presents to them, don’t forget to tell them that they are lovedꟷby you, and by the Lord of lords and King of kingsꟷJesus Christ!

May you have a blessed and meaningful time of the year!


Hi there! My name’s Sheen! I’m a Christian blogger from the Philippines. My blog shares God story on how He is teaching me to have The Heart That Is Good in every area of life. You can also find devotionals and other people’s inspiring stories in my blog. Join me as we learn how to live a life with a teachable heart.

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