Love never gives up – this is the first story that I received for my “Share Your Story” project. Forgiveness is one thing a lot of people find hard to give especially if the person who hurt them is the one closest to their hearts. Let’s find out how ML, a wife and a mother of three, was able to forgive one of the person she dearly loves.

A blessed day everyone! I’m ML, a mother of 3 and a wife to one husband only ??. Kidding aside, one of life’s lessons that God has taught my heart is FORGIVENESS. I believe that God has allowed me that experience to learn the true meaning of it.

Three years ago my husband and I had a devotion with Gods words that led us to having an “all secrets reveal” session. I had mine revealed and was easily accepted by my husband while his was a bit too heavy to accept. It was a mistake done and kept from me for six years so imagine the pain and mistrust that overcame me.

The struggle to forgive was real

It was a mistake that was done for a good cause but still a wrong way was chosen. The struggle to forgive was real, a lot of things are going in my mind, especially the thought if that was it all or there’s more. I thank God that He put people around me who believe in Him that is why they were able to give me Godly advice on how to deal with that situation.

Looking back I realized how God work in that moment. He took my husband out of that place, out of that situation so he would not commit more mistakes. And I found in my heart his sincerity in asking for forgiveness. His decision of revealing it to me proved that he wanted to come clean and be forgiven.

love never gives up - forgiveness
During the renewal of our vows

This is our married life verse that I will always hold on to…

1 Corinthians 13:7

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

My love for my husband will never give up, I will never lose hope that our relationship will get better and better and  through sickness and in health I will endure.

God has given me a family to love and to keep. God has forgiven me of all of my sins so who am I not to forgive.

Forgiving is never easy

I’m thankful that I went through that situation because I learned how to truly forgive. As our church Pastor said, you truly has forgiven someone when you remember the mistake but you don’t feel the pain anymore.

a heart that forgive

There may be different kinds of pain that had been inflicted on us, and God wants us to forgive. You may not find it in your heart to forgive, but come to God because He will show you how.

God bless everyone.

Forgive because God has forgiven you.

Indeed what a beautiful story of a heart that forgives!

Thank you ML for sharing this story of forgiveness. God may have allowed things in our lives that hurt us but let’s be confident that His purpose is always for our own good. To make us the person He wants us to be.

Gracious, Forgiving, Loving, just as our God is.

If you have a story to share feel free to share it here and let others be inspired and encouraged with your own experiences in life.

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