A Mother’s Day Special (Urban Gardening Workshop at Ayala Malls Feliz)

How does it really feel to be a mom?

When I was just pregnant with my son, I was so excited to hold him, take care of him, and dream big for him. All I think was the good and big things of being a mom. I never thought of the hardship and struggles that come along with it. Now that my son is two years old, I’m beginning to see so much of what they call MOTHERHOOD. 

As a mom, your to-do list is more than that when you’re working in the office or elsewhere. Doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning the house (if you have a toddler, cleaning twice or thrice a day is a must), taking care of your child, giving him a bath, feeding , playing, paying the bills, shopping for groceries, and a lot more. Though I’m a working mom, I’m still the one who does most of the things I’ve mentioned.

Yes it’s tiring, but it is FULFILLING! Mothers are truly amazing! We deserve a treat! Yay! 😉

Love, Mother Earth

This year’s mother’s day was really Mamazing for us! We usually celebrate it with the family just eating out after church. But this time we tried something new. Ayala Malls Feliz in partnership with Mamacademy PH had a “Love, Mother Earth” event where they gave a free workshop to celebrate Mother’s day!

I grabbed the opportunity because first it was free! 😀 Ha ha who wouldn’t like a free workshop right? Second, this was the first time we will join a mall event. Third, I will be joining with my family so it was really exciting!

                                                                     Our gospel bracelet from CCF!

First, we attended a church service. Good thing there is a CCF satellite in Ayala Feliz so it saved us time in other activities we can do in the mall while waiting for the workshop to start at 2 pm. It was good to begin your day with worship and a message from the Lord. The service was full of encouragement and what’s more amazing is that all the moms who attended were blessed with a Mother’s day gift! Thank you CCF! After our lunch, we still had enough time to check around some stalls since it was the first time we visited this mall.

They also had the Special MOMents Photobooth! 

                                                 with my little prince 😀

Pot to Plate: Urban Gardening Workshop

Pot To Plate : Urban Gardening Workshop

My sister, my aunt, and my mom joined me in this workshop. This was the first time we will try this kind of activity together. Just because we are already moms doesn’t mean we stop learning! 

We preregistered online through Mamacademy’s website. We could choose from two Make and Take workshops: Urban Gardening and DIY Natural Skin Care Product. I really wanted to learn about simple urban gardening because I know God has put in my heart the desire to grow plants at home. 

The workshop was titled “Pot To Plate: An Urban Gardening Workshop” by Jennie Agcaoili. She is the owner of Plant Project PH. They offer courses and seminars about succulents, cacti, and well crafted dish garden.

Ms. Jennie Agcaoili of Plant Project PH

We were given a basil plant which we’re going to use in this activity. I know basil is one of the healthy greens out there and I often see this plant in some healthy recipes like pasta and in some dishes.

Sometimes I envy other people who can pick vegetables, fruits and some herbs just in the comfort of their home. We know how these foods nowadays get so expensive. How good it is to get a harvest from your own garden.

Our Pot to Plate kit

Let me share with you some of the things I’ve learned from this workshop. For a simple urban gardening we will need the following: container, plants, soil, and water. 


The speaker asked us of different kinds of containers we can use for urban gardening. These are some that were suggested: mineral bottles, milk cans, or even ice cream containers. But if you have a budget you can also buy special pots in the market. We have also learned that it is important to put a net or a mesh screen to cover the drainage hole of the pot to allow excess water to drain. Also it will keep the soil from being washed through the hole.


We should choose plants that thrive in the same amount of sun that our plot will get. We have plants indoors but they don’t need much sunlight and water. If you have a garden or a balcony you should check if your place can get enough sunlight for your type of plant. Basil, Thyme, Tarragon, and Peppermint are just some of the examples that can be planted in our home.


We had this mistake of using ordinary soil from the outdoor garden for our plants. But here we learned that there is a specialized soil mix for every plant so they can grow healthy and live long.  You can’t just use any soil you find outside. Thus we need to make enough research for our urban gardening journey.


Watering depends on the type of plant and the type of container used. There are some plants that need more watering and some in moderation only. I have also researched that plants in smaller pots needed to be watered daily because they can dry out quickly. While the deeper the container is the less watering is needed.

                                                My Make & Take Sweet Basil

Celebrating Mother's day with all these people!

with all of the participants

After the workshop , they also gave us a Mommy Mundo journey box with lots of freebies from the following partner brands:

Dove , Photobook Philippines, Cycles and Cradle, Del Monte Quick N Easy, FamilyDOC, Huggies, Moringa02, Palmers, Mommy Mundo, Welch’s, Jolly Cow, Morrison, Suu Balm, Sun Life, Bio-Fit Plus, Vpharma, Bio Oil, Enchanted Kingdom, Cusina Dishwashing Liquid, Oh So Heatlhy, Little Tree, Lunchbreak Trading, Skin Station, K-Mom and Mother-K Philippines.

Yay! Happy mommy here!

Mother's day Special
 With my beautiful sister in Christ, Kaye Ang of Mamacademy PH

We were all tired for that whole day but we’re happy. This was also the first time I spent almost a whole day in the mall. Ha Ha Ha So blessed with all of our takeaways! Thank you CCF, Ayala Mall Feliz, Mamacademy PH, Plant Project, and Mommy Mundo! Indeed it was a unique and special way to celebrate Mother’s day!


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