I believe that all mothers have the same heart when it comes to a sick child may it be theirs or not.

Recently, I read a post from a friend asking for prayers for baby Hunter. I was moved and decided to check his story on his timeline. I found out that he has a very rare disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He will have to go through a 3-step surgery and will eventually need a heart transplant.

After reading his story and updates, I prayed and started to cry. I find myself begging God to save Hunter. I want him to live, grow up and see the love and faith of all the people who have prayed for him to win this battle especially his parents.

photo of baby Hunter taken from Heart for Hunter Fenix FB page

As a mother, I feel pained seeing their baby in such condition. But what amazed me the most was the faith showed by Hunter’s mom and dad. They are both fighting the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). Their bodies may be weak but their spirits are not. They are full of hope and they abide in God’s word regardless of what they’re feeling about their family’s battle.

I remember when I gave birth to my son the doctors found out that he had a blood infection. He had to take antibiotics and stay in the hospital for a week so nurses can check on him all the time. As a first time mom, I felt very sad and worried leaving him sick in the hospital since I was already allowed to go home on the third day. I would constantly call the nurses to know if my baby’s getting better. My dad would drive us to the hospital every other day just so I could hold my baby and breastfed him. There were even times at night that I would cry and tell my husband that I miss my baby so much.

with my baby at the NICU room during our breastfeeding session

But I chose to have faith in God’s Word and in His promises to me regardless of what I was feeling. I chose to see the good thing in a negative situation like this. I don’t usually ask God the question “Why me?” instead I would ask Him “What is His purpose why He allowed such thing to happen to me?” and yes He answered. He told me that it is to let me and my husband rest for a while so we could take care of our son better when he comes home. And that is so true! The pain of giving birth via a C-section would usually last for more than a month for some. When I got home, it was so hard to walk, get up from bed by myself, or change clothes (my pain tolerance is really low!) I would always call someone to help me whenever I need something. That period God has given me and my husband to rest was so much helpful. When it’s time to get my baby home, I was almost capable of doing some things. My body has recovered enough to take care of my little one.

God wants us to fight the good fight of faith in this world. Let’s put our hope and trust on Him who alone is in control.

My heart is with you Hunter! Our Almighty God is fighting with you and for you!


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